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Niwala Foundation is a non-profit organization committed to serving society and the people in need. It is an organization supported by various communities, corporate sponsors and institutions that help Niwala serve the poor and needy. During the unprecedented circumstances of Covid, people faced many hardships. There was a scarcity of food, shelter, and even clothes. Niwala Foundation came forward to help those people with necessary things and completed various projects for the welfare of the people. At Niwala, volunteers pledge to serve society. We aim to make a society where we can celebrate every individual through our efforts.




Funds Raised

What we do

Help us to Provide food to the Hungry

Food should never be a luxury to afford. But, there are thousands of people sleeping on an empty stomach daily. We can help them by providing them with food. All we need is your support in this endeavor so that no one has to sleep empty stomach.

Donate Your Old Clothes

We sometimes don’t realize that some people are not fortunate enough even to afford clothes to cover their bodies. On chilly winter nights, their suffering becomes excessive. Please help us by donating your old clothes, so that they do not have to suffer anymore.

Donate Educational Kit for Children

There is an excellent way of helping poor kids access education hassle freely. You can donate educational kits to the children to help them in their education in a fun way.

We have served more than 100+ needy people.

Our trusted doners organizations who support us