What we remember most vividly from our childhood are good experiences. Children used to be able to entertain themselves with nearly anything. However, Toys, on the other hand, are now quite essential to them. However, not all youngsters have the financial means to purchase toys. So, if your child no longer plays with certain toys, share them with other children. Donate them instead of tossing them away!

Toy donations bring joy to other children and support them. Children use playtime as a distraction, but they can also learn and develop more by utilizing their imagination and creativity.

How to convince your kid to donation?

Because it is tough to let go of their toys, some youngsters refuse to give them to other children. They don’t understand why they need to share their toys with other kids, despite the fact that donating is a beautiful thing to do.
What can you do to persuade them that giving is an excellent thing to do? You can tell how vital it is to offer people items without expecting them to return the favour.
You might also explain to your youngster that some children do not have any toys with which to play.

However, it would be best to not force your children to offer something they do not desire. Donations are most effective when they are made voluntarily.
Examine the toys in your home to see if they are still being used. After that, make sure these toys are in good working order so that other children can enjoy them for a long time.
You can donate any toys your youngster is no longer interested in playing with. Almost any toy is OK. You may help by donating:

  • Dolls
  • Kids Cooking Set
  • Games and puzzles
  • Teddy bears and other soft toys
  • Jumping Ropes
  • Different Board games
  • Toy instruments
  • Toy cars
  • Walkie-Talkies
  • Tonka Toys
  • Legos
  • Old video games
  • Cards
  • Balls

Of course, a child can play with a plethora of toys, so browse over what you have and see whether it could be useful to others.

Where to donate?

Niwala Foundation is working towards the welfare of children. We at Niwala are trying our best to give these children a bright future and a fruitful present. You can bring your toys to us and we will help you donate them to the children who need them. Together our efforts will make their childhood happy and memorable.

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